About Us

Pet’s Mum is a family run business and they manufactures premium quality pet products. Pet’s Mum decided to start first manufacture Dog Training Collar for example bark collar because Excessive dog barking is a big problem for many pet owners. Pet’s Mum decided to start manufacture bark collar to stop unnecessary barking problem and bring the peace and friendship with dog owner and neighborhood.

The first product has been sold more than 2000 units in less then two months. It was a great successful launch. Then they decided to launch another product for pet training which was dog whistle and Pet training clicker. This product has been selling very well as well. They sold more than 3000 units in less than 5 months. Pet’s Mum started to think further to find another great product that can solve pet flea and tick solution. This product has been designed to the complete solution for Flea and Tick prevention. They have packaged a premium quality pet flea comb with double row of teeth and 3 small, medium and large sized tick remover tools to remove tick easily and naturally.

Pet flea comb and tick remover tools product has been launched beginning of August. They have received Amazon #1 New Release Badge after 3 days of Launching.

Currently Pet’s Mum sells dog training Collar, Bark Collar, Dog training whistle, Clicker, Dog collar, flea comb, tick remover tools and there are more products available to order on Pet’s Mum website for example dog food, cat food, dog grooming tool, and many more. Pet’s Mum has Joined Amazon Associate program to bring all the pet products to their site www.petsmum.com and make it much easier for their valuable customers to order directly from Pet’s Mum website.

Now it’s available to order all best seller amazon pet products and Pet’s Mum products directly from Pet’s Mum website. Customer satisfaction is the first priority at Pet’s Mum. They reply all customers questions in less then 8 hours.